Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Alan Ilagan's spring visit to Ogunquit 2011

  It sends its scent forward first, and before it even comes into view the ocean has heralded its presence. It sends its sounds next – the vaguely thunderous pattern of waves, the cries of seagulls, the rolling wind. Only after this introductory preamble does it come into view, revealing itself with its sparkling crests glinting in the sun, the white-capped waves lapping at the beach, the vast immensity of the Atlantic occupying all that lies ahead. It is the deep blue horizon, and when you face it – really face it, head on, and take it all in – everything behind you suddenly ceases to matter.
                                                                                                  -Alan Ilagan
                           (photo couretsy of Alan Ilagan)

Artists, writers, photographer  have been attracted to Ogunquit, since Charles Woodbury established an art school the end of the 19th  century. Artists are attracted to the brilliant summer light  that reflects upon the sea as they paint, draw and photograph the nautical wonderment of Ogunquit.
            (photo couretsy of Alan Ilagan)
One such modern day artist/writer  is Alan Ilagan. Alan is a keen observer of Ogunquit's beauty. Alan's favorite medium is photography. His photos captures  Ogunquit's casual natural beauty. The early morning light over the Marginal way; a busy restaurant at night, and wild flowers are some of his subject matter. Alan is truly renaissance man. Alan Ilagan's Blog is popular on the blogesphere. His projects range from pop culture to the provocative. Ben Cohen, Madonna, the Art Scene and Ogunquit Maine are some of his many favorite blog topics.
                           (photo couretsy of Alan Ilagan)

Alan and his partner Andy have been guests at Ogunquit beach inn for over 11 years, and it is always a pleasure to see them.  Andy, is not an artist, but a true admirer if the arts and Alan's projects.
                (photo couretsy of Alan Ilagan)

Here are some of Alan's blog entries about his visit to Ogunquit:
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Alan on his visit to Ogunquit Beach Inn, Spring 2011.

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