Thursday, May 26, 2011

Home on the Range.....

Its that time of year; time for spring pistol qualifications at the "range". Ogunquit does not have a public gun range. However, one local resident allows the police department to use his "personal" range. Yes, I said  personal range.  Leonard, of Berwick Road owns a wide swath of land in Ogunquit, that was once home to the town "transfer station". Leonard allowed the town to lease the land years ago as a transfer station. The town now has its own  modern transfer station, but the relics and ghosts still occupy the former transfer station on Berwick Road.

Over the years, Leonard has joined us while we qualified. Leonard is a gun enthusiast and avid collector of older weapons. One time as I was taking my daily rubbish to the "transfer station", I noticed that Leonard had a cannon on the back of his pick-up truck. This is why Leonard has his own range.

The gun range is nestled between relics of  days gone by. Old vehicles are juxtaposed farm equipment from the 1800's. Radiators are piled, next to stacks of shutters and there are collections of all kinds of things. Its virtually a "pickers paradise": think History channel 's American Pickers. Leonard's partner, Norman who is a celebrated artist, worked at the transfer station, and would salvage old items and utilized them in some of his artistic installations. Leonard and Norman would also collect old parts, pipes, doors and other materials that people would discard.

With perfect late spring weather for shooting it was a great day to be "home on the range". 

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