Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Columbus Day 2011

Monday, October 10th is Columbus Day. This creates a three day weekend in much of the US and Canada (where it is Thanksgiving holiday). Many schools, business and government buildings are closed for the Monday Holiday.

This autumnal holiday is usually celebrated with apple picking, hiking and leaf peeping. However, this year is different. Thanks to global warming, we are enjoying the amazing warm summer like weather.
Columbus Day weekend temps are the 80's ( 25c). The weekend in Ogunquit is full of revelry with beach goers, theatre patrons and others enjoying the last breath of what summer has to is actually hotter this weekend than much of August....

The holiday was always nostalgic for me; an early autumn break from School, and a parade celebrating Columbus in the Italian neighborhood of East Boston (after all the Irish have St Patrick's day and a parade..). Growing up in the Boston area, the Italian neighborhoods always made a big deal of Columbus Day.  The Italian-Americans are quite boastful in claiming the Genovese navigator that sailed for Spanish crown as their own. Known in Italy as Cristoforo Colombo, and Cristobal Colon in Spanish speaking countries, his legacy is widely celebrated and criticized. After 500 years,  historians still debate the ramifications of his "discovery".

Instead of "leaf peeping and apple picking, I am hitting the beach, like others in Ogunquit maine....


  1. Can you please define global warming?

  2. Global warming refers to the rising average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans and its related effects.