Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ogunquit High Heel Dash, Super Heroes for Frannie Peabody Center

What makes a super hero a super hero?

As children we remember stories of characters who do heroic acts: help people, fight bad guys, fight for justice etc.

Everyday, countless people are super heroes. They do kind and generous acts to help others and not themselves.They do good, for the sake of doing good.

                                                                  (Jimmy measures Superman's heels)

The The Frannie Peabody Center is comprehensive AIDS agency located in Ogunquit that helps people with AIDS/HIV or at risk of HIV. The Frannie Peabody Center relies on contributions and fundraising to meet it's objective. The Frannie Peabody has helped countless people in Maine that struggle with HIV and AIDS on a daily basis.

Today, as part of OgunquitFEST celebration, the Third Annual High Heel Dash to benefit the Frannie Peabody Center took place in Perkins Cove. The dash is sponsored by the Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce and organized by Ogunquit's Jimmy Lucibello and Frances Reed.

Jimmy and Frances are my super heroes. Both Jimmy and Frances tirelessly work on countless projects that benefit others and not themselves. Toy Drive for needy children and Animal rescue are some of the other  projects that these two super individuals work on.

Well over $1,000 was raised at this event. A thousand dollars doesn't sound like a lot, but to people suffering from HIV or AIDS, this money will go far.

The High Heel Dash is short course race around Perkins Cove. The key ingredient to the race  is that contestants must wear 2" inch heels (5cm) or higher. Contestants are urged to wear costumes, and there is a category for the most outrageous., fastest, and highest heel.

Lance runs to the finish line; and Joanna of Maine Street Cabaret Night Club entertains... Bryan has the highest heels and Rick Barber of Moon Over Maine has the brightest costume....

While, dasher's and dancers may prance in Perkins Cove, and entertainers like Ogunquit's Joanna ( "girl" with a gazillion voices), may hold court; fishermen return to the "cove" in their "punts" after a day of deep sea fishing. Just another day in the little town of Ogunquit Maine where there are many super heroes......

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