Sunday, October 30, 2011

All Hallow's Eve or New Years Eve?

When snow falls, nature listens.
                 -Antoinette van Fleeff

OK, we arrived home to Ogunquit from our winter holiday on April 1st  only to be greeted by a nor'easter that  punched us with snow.  Today is October 29th, and we are ending our 15th season to another snowy nor'easter. Autumn is not even at the half way mark and we are dealing with wet, heavy snow. Less than three weeks ago we were basking in the warm summer glow of 86 degrees and swimming in the Atlantic.

It is Halloween weekend in Ogunquit which is a festive time. Many guests wait all year to display their creative talents of disguise. Nightclubs like MaineStreet host a mega Halloween party, that is always well attended. However, with the weather the way it is, it looked more like Santa Claus was coming as opposed  to the "Pan Am Flight attendants"

It's hard to believe that this past weekend I went from mowing the lawn, to shoveling the driveway, and firing up the pellet stove! It's apropos that we start our season with snow and end our season with snow!

We did not get too much of the icy wintry mix; maybe three inches. However, other parts of New England received snow measured in feet. I was still able to run at low tide on the beach!

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