Monday, November 7, 2011

That time of year~ the winter journey begins!

Yes, its that time of year. It's when we say goodbye to our last guest. It's that time when we put the B&B to rest and "set sail" for our winter retreat.

We pack the Subaru along with the spaniels for the arduous 1565 mile trek to Wilton Manors, Florida.

We usually pack a couple of heathy meals to eat on the road as we tailgate in trucker parking lots. It's quite a challenge to eat healthy on the road. For most of the year, we live in the "bubble" that is Ogunquit Maine.  Ogunquit is unique because there are no "formula restaurants" of franchise fast food ( McDonalds, KFC etc).

As we stopped on the Garden State Parkway to get gas and grab a cup of caffeine at the Burger King, I noticed how large the patrons are. It's no big surprise that American's are over weight, but it was quite a sight to notice how large the patrons are as they were ordering bags of take-out fast food for their journey.

We needed to fill up again in Virginia at the Flying J Truck Stop. These truck stops are amazing: large parking lots for your rig, clean bathrooms, restaurants and a store that features a wide array of items for your truck, camper or NASCAR event. I wanted a small cup of coffee, however the only small they had was 16 ounces. Yes thats right 16 ounces, almost a half litre. I didn't bother to see what a large or extra large looked like ( maybe a Big Gulp?). But if this is small, we Americans have a problem with portion control.

It is a challenge to eat in the road, a challenge with lots of distractions and easy-way-out fast food joints. So its best to plan ahead, and think carefully about what you eat.

Arrival to Wilton Manors,  and the start of our winter adventures!

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