Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Carlos Gardel Museum

Buenos Aires is a city full of museums. Art, architecture, design and culture are showcased in this beautiful city.  Over the past six years I have visited most of the art museums.

However, where ever you go in this city you see images of Evita and Carlos Gardel. These cultural icons run deep in the Argentine soul.

Carlos Gardel is the famous tango singer, actor and composer.  There is a museum is dedicate to him in the Abasto neighborhood. The museum is his former home, that he shared with his mother in the 1920's & 1930's

Like many icons and entertainers, his life was cut short by a tragedy, and he is remembered being forever young. The memory of Carlos Gardel on the psyche of Argentine soul is similar to Elivs' legacy to Americans. Where ever you go in the city you see his image, photograph and hear his music. Even today there are new remastered, remixed recordings of his work.

His former home sits on a modest side street. Entrance fee is $1.00 peso ( about .20 cents US). The museum features his piano, office, artifacts, furniture, sheet music, and ephemera.

The house exhibits daily life for a Porteno  in the 1920's. Many of Gardel's artifacts and furniture are displayed. The original bathroom is intact, as well as the kitchen. The concept of the museum is to preserve, showcase and safeguard the work of Carlos Gardel, on which the city of Buenos Aires is solidly grounded.

The Details
Museo Casa Carlos Gardel
Calle Jean Jaures, 735
Buenos Aires
Open everyday except Tuesdays
Admission $1 AR peso

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