Thursday, November 10, 2011

Recoleta Cemetery

This year I am staying in the Recoleta section of Buenos Aires. Recoleta is known for its chic shops, well heeled gentry, tree lined streets and French architecture. Recoleta is also home to the Recoleta Cemetery.

Named for the Recollect priests, this walled city of the dead houses some of Buenos Aires most famous people in history: Presidents, writers, generals and industrialists.

The necropolis was built in 1822, and was original resting place for common folk, but quickly became the place to be interned...

The crypts are actually mini houses with doors, windows, and sub-terrain levels. The coffins are displayed with artifacts, pictures, relics and sometimes other family members.

The mini-city is 13 acres and houses over 6,500 people. It's also a major tourist attraction.

Its best to go in the morning during the week, when the cemetery is quiet. Feral cats wander amongst the mausoleums and tree lined passages of this walled city.

The architecture and art alone is worth the visit, with Roman, Greek, French, Victorian, Modern, Art Deco well represented.

One of the most famous residents of the Recoleta cemetery is Evita Peron. Her family tomb is simple: black marble mid-century modern with her family name Duarte. Visitors from near and far visit her tomb and pay respect with flowers.

 The Details:
Recoleta Cemetery
Calle Junin
Hours: 7am to 6pm
Admission is free


  1. I wish to know what photo would reflect the pet cemetery and the like. Thanks. But anyway, the photos are awesome!

  2. At first look of the pictures, I did not thought that it was a cemetery. Great photos!

  3. I am a big fan of the Recoleta Cemetery! It was much cloudier the day I went though. My favorite tomb is the one with a statue of a young woman almost falling off the top, reaching for her rose she dropped. It was beautiful art and the symbolism was so moving. I did love the friendly gatitos who came over for a petting. Also my apartment for rent in buenos aires was there, so I went for walks there almost every day. It was really peaceful!