Monday, November 7, 2011

Side trip to Buenos Aires.....

One cannot accomplish anything without fanaticism. 
     -Evita Peron

Drive 1565 miles to Florida, unpack,  sleep two nights at my house,  repack and jump on a plane for a 9+ hour flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Why? Why not!

My good buddy Jay, is spending the austral summer in south America, so I thought it may be a good chance to catch-up with my good friend. It will be fun to hang out at some familiar haunts, and just enjoy the start of the south American summer.

I have always enjoyed this beautiful city. It's only been a couple of days, since we closed the inn for the winter,  and trekked down to Florida. My head is spinning, but what the heck!!

I enjoy Buenos Aires this time of year: the Jacaranda's are in full bloom, and the city is alive with people sitting at outside cafes for endless hours. This is my fourth trip to this beautiful city, it will be like visiting an old friend.

So here I am at Jay's place in Recoleta, time for some summer adventure!

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