Monday, November 14, 2011

Pizza in Buenos Aires

Ideas are like pizza dough, made to be tossed around
-Anna Quindlen

Italians invented it, Americans perfected it, and Argentines celebrate it!

Every where you go in Argentina there  are pizzeria's. But these are not like American pizza Parlors.

A big part of Argentina's population is of Italian origin, Some statistics indicate that over 50 percent of Argentina's population is Italian descent. So it's no surprise that Pizzeria's, pasta shops, and other Italian eateries dot the Argentine landscape.

Names like Fugazzo, Roquerot and Faina ( a garbanzo/chick pea bean based pizza that originated in Genova, brought over by the immigrant Italians ) are on almost every menu along with muzzarella and Jamon.

Pizzerias also carry empanadas. An Empanada is basically a hot pockets with minced meat, or chicken.

Pizzeria's are also big hang-outs to watch football ( Soccer) matches. The authentic pizza joints also have   soda water with the syphon cartridges. I have not seen these types of bar accoutrement since the 1960's......

The best party about travelling with my friend Jay, is that he is always up for Pizza. My favorite Pizza place is La Americana Pizzeria. This place is been around for generations. There is table service, or you can get take-away slices and eat standing at the counter. Argentine Pizza places are lively and entertaining.

Jay enjoys Fugazza pizza and anchovy pizza....Fugazza pizza is a white pizza LOADED with savory onions! Brought over by the northern Italians in the late 1800's

Like New Yorkers,  Portenos walk a lot which helps burning off these carbo calories. I do not feel to bad about eating so much here, I am able to run virtually everyday in Recoleta and Palermo.

The Details:
La Americana Pizzeria
Avenida Callao, 83
Buenos Aires
Telefono: 4.371.0202
This is one of my favorite pizza parlours in Buenos Aires. Place is busy, entertaining and lively. Prices are quite reasonable.


  1. Buenos Aires has a lot of types of pizza! It's amazing because you don't have another place like this!
    I like "a la piedra" or "al molde" types a lot!
    Near my Buenos Aires rent there is an amazing place.

  2. Glad you like it. I'm from Argentina and all you describe in this post is something I really missing living here in Los Angeles. Like you picture with SODA EN SIFÓN :)