Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Good Health has no holidays

I do not know where I heard this quote, but it is so true. It may be a holiday, and many revelers  may be sleeping-in or convalescing,  but I will continue my exercise regiment this New Years Day morning.
Coach John Grzeszczak of Hammerhead Aquatics outlined the swim practice for us today.....

Warm-up: 400 yards swim, 200 kick
50 yards x 16 times.
Main Set:
25 yard drill
125 yards fast
25  yard drill
75 yards fast
25 yard drill
25 Fast with and overkick
This last set, is in 7 minutes and repeated 4 times.
50 cool down...

Michael and I spent New Years Eve at a wonderful house party with friends from Maine and New England. Perfect weather, great food and an entertaining fireworks completed the calendar year for 2011.

Instead of making "resolutions" and broken promises to myself, I decided I will continue to treat my body well. Continue to exercise and exercise my mind. Take time for rest and relaxation. Take time to "smell the roses" and enjoy the little gifts that life gives us on a daily basis. Because good health, is good wealth.

There is so much beauty everyday to explore and enjoy; so get out and SMELL some roses!


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