Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My First Tupperware Party

Not Your Grandmothers Tupperware Party
-NBC Today Show

This past Saturday night, I went to my first Tupperware Party. It was a rather unique event hosted by Tupperware lady, Dixie Longate.

Dixie Longate, is the Queen  of Tupperware. She is an international performer that fills theatres and other venues with her unique mid-century charm hosting Tupperware parties. She performs and demonstrates the wonders of Tupperware. I never knew that I needed a  beverage pitcher that fits inside my fridge door, so there would be more room in the fridge for cans of beer!

The is a real Tupperware Party complete with demonstrations and catalogs. Dixie is reminiscent of mid-century suburban housewives that wore mini skirts, and had big flowing hair and marveled at the solutions that Tupperware provided. Her sharp tongue and trailer park wisdom are hilarious and entertaining, and she really is a Tupperware Lady!

Dixie was well received with 400 attendees and that donated $35 to $75 for the show. Dixie donated her time and talent  for The Hammerhead Aquatics swim team. The Hammerheads are based in Fort Lauderdale, and are a masters swim team that I belong to. The team hosts swim meets, travels internationally for swim meets and holds 14 practices per week.

Coach John Grzeszczak heads up the organization, and coaches most of the swim practices. The event was a success  and showcased not only Dixie's Tupperware talents but also the benefits of Hammerhead Aquatic swimming...

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