Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ode to Marginal Way

It's been a mild winter in Ogunquit Maine this year. Occasional light snow, and mild above freezing temperatures are the norm for this January.
Ogunquit and its grand coastline has always inspired artists, photographers and writers. The following poem is by local wordsmith legend Richard Perkins. Photos were taken by Ogunquit resident Rick Barber.

Ode to
Marginal Way


This beautiful path is a one mile rove
Ending up at Perkins Cove!
The swirling tide pools and crashing surf
A breathtaking stroll on this good earth!
The outcropping bayberry and bittersweet
30 dedicated benches beckoning you to seat!
To ponder the beauty of the Marginal Way
Your temptation to return day after day!
The bold Atlantic with waves pounding
Around each curve more beauty abounding!
Lobster boats and buoys adding to the scene
When the tide becomes low another theme!
The Marginal Way is over 100 years old
Gracing our coast strong and bold!
Ogunquit is blessed with this beautiful gem
At the end of your stroll you will say “Amen!”
The land bequeathed by Josiah Chase in 1923
To Ogunquit “Beautiful Place By The Sea!”
By Richard Perkins

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