Friday, February 10, 2012

Ogunquit artist, Joseph Davol

Ogunquit has long been known as an art colony discovered by Charles Woodbury in the late 1800's. The rugged coastline with the bright light shimmering against the cool Atlantic waters has been a constant subject for countless artists for over 120 years.

One lesser known Ogunquit artist, is  Joseph B. Davol (Aug 25, 1864 - June 15, 1923). Mr Davol was a painter, architect and teacher. He was also a student of Charles Woodbury's Ogunquit Art School in Perkins Cove.

Mr Davol was born in Chicago, studied in Paris at the Academie Julian. He then moved to Ogunquit with his mother, and studied with Woodbury. In Ogunquit he remained a "bachelor", according to an article in  the Lewiston Evening Journal ( Dec 1, 1911).

Davol lived year round in Ogunquit and many of his works depict the four distinct seasons.
His winter paintings capture the nuances of light as it touches the snowy seascape and land.

His paintings display a certain uniqueness that depicts the Maine flora and fauna. Trees have a Dr Suess likeness. Shadows casts winter colors glowing on the snow.
(October Idyl, October 1910, Ogunquit River Estuary, Collection of Ogunquit Beach Inn)

(Ogunquit Beach 1915)
Winter sea 1911

Joseph Davol's paintings are part of the Ogunquit Museum of Art's Colletion, Ogunquit Library, Farnsworth Museum and private collectors.

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