Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Long Course....

Hammerhead Aquatics Masters Swim Club uses two pools. A 25 yard pool in Fort Lauderdale at Sunrise Middle School and the pool at Pompano Beach  Aquatics Center. The Pompano Beach  Aquatics Center rotates the lane's through out the year. For the next month the course is set to Long Course. 
Long Course  is set to 50 meters or 54.680 yards.  With the long course, there is less "hanging-off the wall", and it is more of a workout, or so it seems. Up and back is 100 meters. Swimming experts believe that long course swimming requires 15-20% more energy compared to short course.
Initially, I bemoan and loathe the course, but after a few days it does grow on me. There is a zen like feel with 50 meters. Swimming is more streamlined with less turns, and there is less rest. Swimming becomes more rhythmic, like a metronome on a piano.
Essentials for the long course are: goggles, pull-buoy, kick-board, and my new Speedo training paddles that Coach John Grzeszczak insist I use to break my bad stroke habits. The paddles look like the would be fun to use, but in fact they are harder. The paddles break bad habits by making you push your stroke deeper into the water.....

The best part of the long course is how I feel after the workout!

Swimmers, Monty & Kerry after swim practice. Coach John gave Monty a challenge of finishing his last 100 meters in 1:35 seconds, and Monty achieved the challenge!

Hammerheads, Kerry & Monty

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