Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1st Ogunquit Storm

It's March 1st and it may be meteorological spring, but that did not stop a late winter storm that hit Ogunquit and the southern Maine coast today.

It's been a  mild winter on the Maine coast with very little snow. This year, mild temperatures prevailed that were more akin to a temperate Pacific northwest winter. However, those mild temperatures ended today, and Old Man Winter returned to show us who is boss.

Today, Ogunquit is getting pelted with 8 to 10 inches of the thick white heavy white stuff. Winds were high this morning, but it has been snowing all day.

Rick Barber of Moon Over Maine went walking through the storm and took these pristine pictures....Enjoy!

Ogunquit Beach Inn, March, 1st storm.

Wharf Lane & Shore Road, Ogunquit Camera Shop.

The Wooden Bridge, from Wharf Lane.

The Point, at Ogunquit Beach from the wooden Bridge.

Hutchin's Blacksmith Antique Mall on Main Street

The uber popular Front Porch Cafe and Piano Bar.

Tree's along Main Street in front of Village Food Market. 

Moon Over Maine with a full blanket of Snow.

Ogunquit Beach Inn, soon to re-open for year 16 this April.

Meanwhile, as the storm raged on I found solace on Ft Lauderdale Beach! I have had many a winter storm, so, I feel no guilt!

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