Saturday, March 31, 2012

The magic of the ocean....

The magic of the sea,  it draws me in with its hypnotic rhythm and syncopated pace.
The smell of the salt air cleanses my vessel and renews my spirit.
The whisper of the waves rocks my soul to sleep on the sandy shore.

I have always had the need to be near the sea. From my earliest memories, my parents engaged me with the ocean. The only time I was not near the ocean was when I went to college for four years in Western Massachusetts. In Western Mass, there are mountains; but there is something about the sea that calls me....
What secrets does the sea hold? How deep is the deepest part? What treasures does it hold?  Why are we drawn to such a vast body of water? Is it primal?

I find magic around the ocean. The magic is the feeling of comfort, optimism and completeness.....

Ogunquit Beach on a crisp Spring day.

Spring day, 18th Street Beach, Fort Lauderdale.

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