Friday, March 9, 2012

Hammerhead Swim Practice March 9th 2012

One of my favorite things to do in the winter in Fort Lauderdale is to swim with a masters swim club called the Hammerhead Aquatics.

The Hammerheads are a  premier masters swim club made up of athletes age 18 to 80-something. The club is very inclusive and features a wide array of athletes. Some are learning how to swim,  some are training for triathlons, and many are fitness swimmers like myself. One Hammerhead  is striving to qualify for the Olympics in London.

Coach John Grzeszczak

John Grzeszczak is one of the coaches for the team. Coach John qualified for the Olympic trials in 1980. His life's passion is swimming. During the week, practices are at 5.30am, noon, and early evening. Weekend practices are at 8am. There are 14 practices a week. I attend 4 to 5 workouts. The Hammerhead's use two pools in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area: Sunrise Middle School, and Pompano Aquatic Center. The workouts are great, but also, the camaraderie with other swimmers adds a big plus factor in going to practice!
This year the team goes to Iceland in May to compete in the IGLA.

Daily, Coach John designs  workouts depending on swimmers skill levels and abilities. Its almost like personal group training. All practices are coached in a masters' style environment which focuses on timed interval and stroke training. Workouts at Sunrise pool are generally a bit longer (75 minutes), which means more yards!

Here is Today's noon hour workout, for my skill level:
Pompano Aquatic Center. Pool set to 50 meter long course.

Warm-up 400 swim 300 pull-buoy
12  x 50 meters (Combo, Kick, swim/stroke)
50 meters x 4, rest 20 seconds
100 meters x 2, rest 20 seconds
200 meters x , rest 20 seconds
100 meter cool down.
100 meter, for good measure.
My Total 2100 meters.

Swimming has always been a part of my life. I can not remember a time when I have not been around the ocean, pool or water. Summers in Maine, and summer camp. Lessons at YMCA as a child, and inter-collegiate water polo club in college.

Los Baños, Laguna de Bay, Philippines 1979

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