Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gourmet Food Truck Expo

Remember the "Ice Cream Truck" when you were a child? I was like Pavlov's dog, I would hear that circus like music, and I would run home yelling "Ice Cream Man!". I would beg my mother for a quarter to get an early evening frozen delight.....

Fast forward 40 years, and now we have Gourmet Food Trucks. Its a  post modern phenomenon. Travelling gourmet food trucks with aspiring chefs serving interesting world street food to the masses.

This smorgasbord of food trucks was held at the Casino Isle Race Track in Pompano Beach Florida. These elaborate trucks are "tricked" out to appeal to the eye as well as our palates. About 20 trucks competed for our dining dollars. It's street food for the people. Mexican tacos, Greek gyros, Phillie cheesesteak and Korean Seoul food are just a sampling of some of the food trucks that were at this event on a Wednesday evening.
The event is sponsored by Gourment Truck Expo, which sponsors various "meet-ups" throughout south Florida.

As we dined under the stars, a horse harness race was going on, and inside the casino people were busy playing the slot machines. It was an interesting juxtaposition of people and events.
One vehicle was a real fire truck that sold pizza from a wood oven.

It seems like this is a world wide trend. Just this week, a classmate from high school in Philippines posted that the first food truck is now canvassing areas of Manila. The "Guactruck" serves a hybrid of Filipino/Mexican food.

I cant help think that this food truck fad reminds me of going to a suburban mall in the mid 1970's and seeing a Food Court for the first time. An array of different pseudo-fast foods from around the world all compactly merchandise to taste and sample in one confined area.

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