Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Misty May Morning on the Marginal Way

Many have walked the Marginal Way on a bright sunny day, but there is something special about this public path on misty day.....

The pace is slower, and there are virtually no people on this  foggy Wednesday morning in May.

The fragrant sea air is intoxicating. The howl of the waves crashing on the ancient rocks is mesmerizing. The coastal fog hugs the shore like a warm blanket.

Inviting benches provide a great view to the roaring sea, and a respite from everyday life.

I also ran the Marginal Way at sunrise today. As always, the twisting trail inspires me for the upcoming day....aah, the Marginal Way.

The Details:

The Marginal Way is an old Indian trail that meanders the rocky coast of Ogunquit Maine.
Located 75 meters past Cottage Street on Shore Road.
Entrance is about a three minute walk from Ogunquit Beach Inn.
Public Paid Parking Located on Cottage Street, behind the Dunaway Centre.
Access is free. Donations are accepted.
No Dogs, bikes, etc on the trail.
The Marginal Way is about 3 miles (5km) round trip ( from entrance to the end of the Cove and back).
Walk at your own risk, there are steep rocks, cliffs and beaches.


  1. What's the real story with the guy who died there a few months ago?

    1. Google "Ogunquit and drowning". It happened in April. Remember to be careful along the cliff on the Marginal Way.

  2. Thanks but I could never get a clear story - where on the Marginal Way did he fall in? What was he doing? One story said he had gone out onto the rocks but most stories had us believe he was merely walking along and fell in the water - which is impossible. Bad PR.