Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010 - Long Sands Beach

Happy Earth Day! What is Earth Day? How should be celebrate it?? Why is there so much fuss?

I think the best way to celebrate Earth Day is to get out there and enjoy and appreciate nature.

Virtually every day I am on Ogunquit Beach. I run it, walk it, and just plain beach it. Today, a buddy, and I decided in honor of Earth Day, we would try another beach. In neighboring York Maine, there are a couple of worthwhile beaches. We decided to check out Long Sands beach in York.

Like the name implies, Long Sands beach is over a mile of sandy beach. The north side of the beach has beautiful views of the Nubble Lighthouse. There is ample metered parking on the road. Long Sands has that familiar New England kitsch feel: retro motels, dotted soft serve ice cream stands.  The beach seems endless at low tide.......

Everyday is Earth Day, so get out, enjoy the beauty and the drama that is earth!

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