Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mt Agamenticus

Generally speaking, a howling wilderness does not howl: it is the imagination of the traveler that does the howling.                                      -Henry David Thoreau

I am an "ocean" person. I love the sights, smell and SOUND of the ocean. However once in a while I like to go to the forest or the mountains.....

I decided to go to Mt Agamenticus today.  "Mt A"  is quick a 10 minute drive from Ogunquit Beach Inn Drive 3.4 miles south of Route 1 into York. Take a right on to Mountain Road and proceed for 4 miles. The Mount Agamentiucus Park is over 10,000 acres. its a great place to: hike, Mt Bike and picnic. The former Ski resort is a great place to escape and enjoy the endless views.....

Up on the "Mount" today, I noticed how quiet the wilderness is. The forest offered a quiet stillness and solitude. The only sound I could here was the ruffle of my own feet as I walked through the brush. Some people are dog people; some people are cat people. The same is true with ocean/beach vs mountain/forests people. I am definitely an ocean guy, but once in a while I like being on a mountain surrounded by the woods.

Mt Agamenticus is a habitat for many species of birds and wildlife. Hawks, bald eagles and falcons also stake claim to the mount. Snow flurries fell as I hiked along "Witch Hazel" trail. Snow is odd even on a mountain in Maine this late in April. Its quite a novelty.  The old ski trails are now hiking and Mt bike trails. When Ogunquit gets busy with summer people, I will ride my Mt Bike to the mountain and explore the trails.

The old ski lodge has decks for viewing.

The Detalils:
Where: Mountain Road York.
There is a paved road to the summit. Map trails are available.
The Park is open dawn to dusk. There are "port-potties" on the mountain.
Admission: Free
No camping or campfires are allowend
For more info:

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