Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wiggly Bridge, York Harbor

Next to Ogunquit is the town of York. York is full of attractions. Today, my buddy John, and I went to one such attraction: The "Wiggly Bridge".

The Wiggly Bridge is located in York Harbor off of Old Mill Road. The Wiggly Bridge is a miniature steel suspension pedestrian bridge that was built in 1930’s. The bridge connects a trail from the York River tidal flow to the peninsula of Steedman Woods. Steedman Woods is a 17-acre nature woodland preserve that was given to the Museums of Old York by Charles R. Steedman to be kept forever "wild for the enjoyment for all”.

The wiggly Bridge is named the wiggly bridge, because when you walk over it, it wiggles. Local lore has that a group of Girl Scouts named the bridge in the 1940's.

The attraction is located in York Harbor, best place to park is up near the York Harbor Inn, and walk down. There are many historical buildings/Museums in York Harbor worth visiting, visit http://oldyork.org/

There are trails, and the scenery is perfect for picture taking!

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