Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ode to Marginal Way

It's been a mild winter in Ogunquit Maine this year. Occasional light snow, and mild above freezing temperatures are the norm for this January.
Ogunquit and its grand coastline has always inspired artists, photographers and writers. The following poem is by local wordsmith legend Richard Perkins. Photos were taken by Ogunquit resident Rick Barber.

Ode to
Marginal Way


This beautiful path is a one mile rove
Ending up at Perkins Cove!
The swirling tide pools and crashing surf
A breathtaking stroll on this good earth!
The outcropping bayberry and bittersweet
30 dedicated benches beckoning you to seat!
To ponder the beauty of the Marginal Way
Your temptation to return day after day!
The bold Atlantic with waves pounding
Around each curve more beauty abounding!
Lobster boats and buoys adding to the scene
When the tide becomes low another theme!
The Marginal Way is over 100 years old
Gracing our coast strong and bold!
Ogunquit is blessed with this beautiful gem
At the end of your stroll you will say “Amen!”
The land bequeathed by Josiah Chase in 1923
To Ogunquit “Beautiful Place By The Sea!”
By Richard Perkins

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My First Tupperware Party

Not Your Grandmothers Tupperware Party
-NBC Today Show

This past Saturday night, I went to my first Tupperware Party. It was a rather unique event hosted by Tupperware lady, Dixie Longate.

Dixie Longate, is the Queen  of Tupperware. She is an international performer that fills theatres and other venues with her unique mid-century charm hosting Tupperware parties. She performs and demonstrates the wonders of Tupperware. I never knew that I needed a  beverage pitcher that fits inside my fridge door, so there would be more room in the fridge for cans of beer!

The is a real Tupperware Party complete with demonstrations and catalogs. Dixie is reminiscent of mid-century suburban housewives that wore mini skirts, and had big flowing hair and marveled at the solutions that Tupperware provided. Her sharp tongue and trailer park wisdom are hilarious and entertaining, and she really is a Tupperware Lady!

Dixie was well received with 400 attendees and that donated $35 to $75 for the show. Dixie donated her time and talent  for The Hammerhead Aquatics swim team. The Hammerheads are based in Fort Lauderdale, and are a masters swim team that I belong to. The team hosts swim meets, travels internationally for swim meets and holds 14 practices per week.

Coach John Grzeszczak heads up the organization, and coaches most of the swim practices. The event was a success  and showcased not only Dixie's Tupperware talents but also the benefits of Hammerhead Aquatic swimming...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Prison Dancer: The Interactive Web Musical - Teaser Trailer

This video is funny and creative. There is a romantic notion that Filipino prisoners dance and perform Glee-like theatrical dance sequences, since the Thriller video came out in 2009. The video featured over a 1,000 prisoners dancing from a prison in Cebu, and received over 49 million viewers.

On my last trip to the Philippines I saw prisoners shackled together. Life is harsher for many people in the Philippines, and I am sure it's even harder in jail. Years ago I worked at a county jail in Maine, and there sure wasn't any dancing there.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Intra Crusing

Fort Lauderdale is known at the Venice of America with over 300 miles intracoastal canals, rivers and waterways that meander through the everglades into the Atlantic. Surrounding the waterways are a labyrinth of islands, peninsulas and swaths of land that make-up the greater Fort Lauderdale area.

Our friend Don Wunder from Ogunquit & Fort Lauderdale invited us to a birthday party. Donny charted a 66 foot Hatteras yacht for a birthday bash for his partner Jim. The vessel came with a two man crew, bartender and a caterer.

It's a different view seeing Fort Lauderdale from a boat. It's quite an architectural tour to see mid-century homes next to behemoth mansions that line the intricate waterways. Highrises and cute 1950's Jeston apartment buildings are juxtaposed various building styles stretching the last 100 years.

Jim Invited 25 of his friends to a festive 5 hour cruise complete with open bar, and nice dinner catered by a local company. Weather was perfect, and the sites were amazing! Happy Birthday Jim!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Good Health has no holidays

I do not know where I heard this quote, but it is so true. It may be a holiday, and many revelers  may be sleeping-in or convalescing,  but I will continue my exercise regiment this New Years Day morning.
Coach John Grzeszczak of Hammerhead Aquatics outlined the swim practice for us today.....

Warm-up: 400 yards swim, 200 kick
50 yards x 16 times.
Main Set:
25 yard drill
125 yards fast
25  yard drill
75 yards fast
25 yard drill
25 Fast with and overkick
This last set, is in 7 minutes and repeated 4 times.
50 cool down...

Michael and I spent New Years Eve at a wonderful house party with friends from Maine and New England. Perfect weather, great food and an entertaining fireworks completed the calendar year for 2011.

Instead of making "resolutions" and broken promises to myself, I decided I will continue to treat my body well. Continue to exercise and exercise my mind. Take time for rest and relaxation. Take time to "smell the roses" and enjoy the little gifts that life gives us on a daily basis. Because good health, is good wealth.

There is so much beauty everyday to explore and enjoy; so get out and SMELL some roses!