Friday, March 19, 2010

Caribbean Markets in Fort Lauderdale

I enjoy shopping at the Caribbean markets that are scattered throughout south Florida. One never knows when one will need a stalk of sugar cane or watermelon soda. I know when I go back to Ogunquit Maine; I will not be able to find such exotic treats
Of course you'll find the Goya and Badia brand products, that you can find in most US supermarkets now, but you can also find some real exotic finds!
The best part about shopping in these markets is about the experience: taking in the savory smells of spices, fish and tropical produce.

When I was a kid, I thought a banana was a banana. But in the Latin markets, there are plantains, burros, and other yellow strarchy looking fruit for boiling and frying. These plantains are used for tostones, tajadas and patacones.
There is also banana chips (chifles), which are one of my favorite snacks! Many people use plantains to make desserts, appetizers, and starches for their meals.

This "bunch" of bananas is from my back yard in Wilton Manors. Maybe I'll fry them up with butter and brown sugar and have a "merienda".
These markets usually have bulk produce, rice beans and fresh tortillas by the pound! There is always different types of fish; both fresh and salted.
Its always an adventure to check out the markets, and get some aguacates (avocados) and cebollas ( onions)!
I know when I am shopping in these mercados, I am not in Ogunquit Maine anymore, or at the Village Food Market!

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