Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Goodby Fort Lauderdale; Hello Ogunquit Maine

Goodbye Palm Trees; Hello Pine Trees!
Goodbye Cuban Sandwiches; Hello Clam Rolls!
Goodbye Egrets; hello Chickadees
Goodbye Florida;  Hello Maine!
The journey of a thousand miles (or 1553 to be exact) starts with the first step! Mike packs the Subaru for the annual migration!
The journey is about 24 to 27 hours of driving time. We take Route 95, which hovers the east coast. It's a journey I've been doing since I was a kid in the 70's with my parents for our annual trip to Florida. Many things have changed: vehicles, telecommunications, entertainment, etc. However, one thing has not changed: finding a clean restroom, its still a challenge!

Like all migratory birds, we arrive back to our home for the start of another season of Ogunquit Beach Inn
Like many returning birds, I am eager to get to the beach and comb the white sands of Ogunquit beach!

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