Saturday, March 6, 2010

John O'keefe Memorial Swim Meet

Today I did my first swim meet! The day was perfect, sunny in the 70's, pool in the 80's. The event was held in Miami Shores Aquatic Centre.  The Centre has a nice beach ball sculpture by Miami artist Romero Britto.

This 25 yard pool was refereed by US Masters Swimming Judges.
Miami's Nadadores Swim Club hosted the John Okeefe Memorial Swim Meet, which is one of the official Winter Party Events.
Miami's own diva Maryel Epps sang "Amazing Grace" and "The Star Spangled Banner" to start the festivities!
Guys line up to start! I did the 100 yard freestyle in 1.30 seconds...

Hammerhead Monty, not only swims, but sketches between various "heats". There were plenty of physiques for modelling!
Mike, Monty and Peter between "heats".

Hammerhead coach John Grzeszczak, keeps scores, and critiques our strokes.

Hammerheads, Monty & Greg. Well, I guess I can call myself a swimmer! Now off to the Miami Shores Country Club for much needed lunch!


  1. Hello from Tulsa, Oklahoma. We've enjoyed looking through the blog and we're really looking forward to our visit to Ogunquit and the Inn this summer! We look forward to meeting you guys in person.
    -Mark & Casey

  2. Thanks! The Nadadores, just posted this on our Facebook page. We're having our 6th John O'Keefe swim meet on March 5th, 2011. Hope to have you back!

  3. Thanks! Will be back! I am back in FLA and swimming!!