Thursday, March 11, 2010

Los Asados Argentine Steak House, Fort Lauderdale

Oakland Park Blvd in Fort Lauderdale is dotted with generic shopping plazas that start at the beach and continue west to the everglades. Its hard to notice what types of shops or restaurants that line this long boulevard. However, last month while driving this congested boulevard I noticed a new restaurant that "popped-up" on my visual radar. The Argentine and Uruguay flags quickly got my attention. I noticed the sign that said Los Asados Argentinian  Steak House. In the last four years I have made three trips to Argentina, and I am enamored with their culture, food and lifestyle. Therefore, I need to try this new haunt!

I invited my buddy Ivan to lunch. Ivan use to help us at the Ogunquit Beach Inn for many years. Ivan is from Bulgaria and lives in Florida full time.

Los Asados is a rather large space dotted with many tables, and booths The Steak house is decorated with faux terracotta walls, cowhides and other accoutrement from the pampas of South America. The plaza is faceless and plain like many of the plazas that were built in the 1970's in South Florida. However the surprise was that we were transported back to South America for a nice leisurely lunch!

Argentine lunches are long and filling. The wonderful thing about eating in Argentina or Uruguay is that you are never rushed. Its common to see people at cafes and restaurants spend countless hours enjoying their meal with their companions.

Los Asados offers a nice menu with an  Executive Lunch. In South America and menú ejecutivo is an affordable meal with soup or salad, a choice of entrees and bread. Los Asados offered Argentine favorites like skirt steak, chicken breast, lasagna and fish filet for their executive lunch.
Our server Jorge, suggested we get the cream of broccoli soup.  Jorge hails from Buenos Aires and is quite fluent in the culinary aspects of an Argentine kitchen. His suggestion of the soup was perfect! I have known Jorge for about a year. Jorge spent last summer working in Ogunquit.
Jorge also told us that the fish was fresh, so we tried the fish filet Milanesa. This Argentine take on this classic Italian dish is breaded and fried. Milanesa dishes are quite popular in Argentina. We also tired the grilled tilapia filet, which was also quite tasty.
Blogger Greg and Server Jorge.  Jorge hails from Buenos Aires.

The fixed price meal was $7.25, which included, soup or salad, potato or rice. Authentic homemade chimichurri sauce was on virtually every table. Tables had tablecloths and a bottle of wine. This restaurant is truly a gem on Oakland Park Boulevard and should not be overlooked.

Asado is Spanish for barbecued/grilled/roasted. In The pampas huge fires roar as the gauchos grill beef, chicken and other game. This culinary technique is popular throughout Argentina and Uruguay, and in many of the restaurants. The one thing about Argentine restaurants is that you never leave hungry. At Los Asados this also the custom! Next time I will try their dinner specials!

We were too stuffed to try the desserts or cafe.

Owner, Isabel of Los Asados hails from Uruguay.

The Details:
Los Asados
1672 E Oakland Park Blvd
Oakland Park, FL 33334
Telephone 954-566-6700
Atmosphere: Casual
Price: Extremely reasonable, Especially lunch.
Food Rating: Very Good
Style: Argenine Steak house, with pastas, chicken and fish.
Attitude: Very friendly!

After our delicous meal, Ivan and I went down to the beach to walk off the meal and watch the wild waves pass us by! Another great day in Fort Lauderdale!


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