Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Russians are Coming (and the Bulgarians, Serbians, and Moldovans)

Every year Ogunquit opens its arms to tourists, and seasonal workers. The seasonal workers names may sound exotic to most people, but not to the people of Ogunquit: Ivan, Natasha, Boris, Dimitri, Katarina, Sergay, etc. Many of  these students come from the former Soviet block countries. They are part of the new Europe. They are eager to practice English, and work as many jobs as possible. They do the jobs that need to be done in a bustling resort town: make beds, scoop ice cream, clean boats, mow lawns and wash dishes. Some stay, some get married to locals. Most move back to Europe. Over the past decade it’s been a pleasure to get to know these kids. Many lifelong friendhsips have resulted. They have become part of our lives and our community.

One such student is Aleksander from Bulgaria "Alessio" (his nickname) speaks Bulgarian, Russian and flawless English. He is a University student in the UK. He has produced a short Youtube video as one of his projects. The message is clear. Save electricity for one hour on March 27th 2010. Please watch this video and rate it.  This spring, like the return of migratory birds,  a fresh batch of eager eastern Europeans will arrive, and you'll hear Dobre doshli v Ogunquit Maine! (Welcome to Ogunquit Maine! in Bulgarian).


  1. Love your blogs! I also love Ogunquit and make a point to visit at least once every summer. There's nothing quite like it!